OneSign Cloud-based qualified digital certificate

OneSign is a mobile application designed as a universal identifier that guarantees a great user experience, as well as top-notch security. It enables quick and simple two-factor authentication and digital signing of XML and PDF files.


  • OneSign
  • Security first
  • Digital signature
  • Customized visualization
  • Multi-functionality

Qualified digital certificate IN THE CLOUD

The OneSign mobile app is suitable for smart mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems and enables the signing of different digital documents using a qualified digital certificate in the Cloud. Wherever and Whenever – 24/7. Thanks to adjusted visualization you sign the digital document on the principle “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Sign”.

OneSign complies with the highest security requirements and EU regulations, such as eIDAS, GDPR, and PSD2.

Secure access and use

Secure use of OneSign is ensured by strong two-factor authentication and authorization which delivers the highest-level security of digital signing based on two components: ‘something only the user has’ (a mobile device) and ‘something only the user knows’ (PIN).

Access to and use of OneSign is enabled by a 6-figure password (PIN) which the user chooses upon activation or registration. In the following steps, OneSign can also be set to be accessed by fingerprint or face recognition.

Qualified digital signature

A qualified digital certificate is the highest-level security of signing digital documents while also ensuring an equal legal power as a handwritten signature. OneSign can be used to sign documents in PDF and XML formats.

Customized visualization of documents

Customized visualization of documents provides a clear and transparent overview of the entire document, contract, or form, and ensures that you are fully notified about the contents of the document your intern to sign digitally.


The OneSign qualified digital signature in the Cloud can also be used in several mobile applications (mobile banking, insurance companies, etc.) and web portals (eDavki, eUprava, Ajpes).


SECURITY Two-factor authentication with an OTP-generator and PIN or biometrics data.
COMPLIANCE Regulatory compliance – eIDAS, GDPR and PSD2.
UNIVERSALITY Works with iOS and Android, independently of a web browser.
USABILITY Can be used in a variety of mobile banking applications and web portals. Saves time and money.
EFFICIENCY Saves time and money.
SIMPLICITY Excellent user experience – sign or reject digital documents in just a few steps .



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