Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is incorporated in our daily activities and relies on the values that we cherish and implement, as well as on our mission statement that we aim to accomplish and the goals we want to achieve.


With joint efforts, we build the future, so we want to offer a working environment that is full of challenges, new knowledge and opportunities for professional growth. We strive to achieve balance between professional and family life, and believe that after a hard day’s work you deserve some pleasure and fun, which is why we regularly meet at team buildings, organize a new year’s concert and new year’s party, treat the children of our employees to a visit from Santa Claus, we even have a table football tournament, etc.


We tend to say to each other: “As long as I stay healthy, everything will be just fine.” Having this in mind, we try to offer our employees the best conditions for safe work and healthy living. We encourage a healthy lifestyle mostly with daily wholesome breakfast. Moreover, the activities organised in the ‘Week of Health’ are aimed at mitigating the risk for the occurrence of various diseases and conditions, and the BES sports club enables our employees to enjoy in different types of recreation and sports.


We are aware that small steps can lead to great changes. We are an environmentally friendly company; in caring for the environment, we recycle, collect used paper, used clothes and organize clean-up actions in the vicinity of our business premises. We encourage our employees to be actively engaged in environmental protection and support their initiatives with regard to this.



As a socially responsible company, we lend an ear to the needs of the society; in particular, we want to contribute to increased quality of life. In cooperation with non-profit organizations, we host various charity events every year for the collection of school supplies, foods, toys, etc. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have a bazaar and dedicate the raised funds to a particular family in distress.