Revocation of a qualified digital certificate

The digital certificate must be revoked if the certificate holder’s key data related to the certificate has changed (name or surname, tax number of the user or business entity, employment etc.), in the event of misuse, or suspected misuse, or if the holder needs to obtain another digital certificate on the grounds of losing a smart card/USB key or forgetting the password.

A digital certificate can also be revoked on the basis of a request issued by a competent court, a misdemeanour judge or an administrative body.

How can I submit a revocation request?

You can submit a completed and signed qualified digital certificate revocation request in several ways:


Halcom d.d.
Dunajska cesta 123
1000 Ljubljana


From 8:00 to 16:00 at Halcom d.d.
Dunajska cesta 123
1000 Ljubljana

When will the qualified digital certificate be revoked?

The qualified digital certificate will be revoked within four hours of receiving a valid revocation request. Only in exceptional or unpredictable circumstances the revocation will be executed within 8 hours of receiving a suitable revocation request. In the specified time the qualified digital certificate will be marked as revoked in the directory and added to the register of revoked qualified digital certificates.

Register of revoked qualified digital certificates - CRL

The register of revoked certificates is published on ldap:// in accordance with LDAP conventions and on in accordance with HTTP. The current status of digital certificates can be checked on