Qualified digital certificate

Your identity card in digital operations enables you to conduct transactions with over 50 banks in Central and South East Europe and more than 20 web portals (including eDavki, eUprava, eVEM, Ajpes). ONE FOR ALL authenticates the identity of the person signing the electronic document and ensures the integrity of data, or protects electronic documents from being altered.

To conduct safe digital transactions, you need a qualified digital certificate which authenticates your identity, guarantees the contents of electronically submitted documents, and enables electronic signing. It is based on asymmetric cryptography and is a computer file that contains the information about the holder, the holder’s public key, issuer data and certificate validity.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose between a qualified digital certificate on a smart card, USB key, or Halcom One, a qualified digital certificate in the Cloud.

ONE FOR ALL on a smart card

The private key is safely stored on a card, and encryption and digital signing is executed in the microprocessor on the smart card. A smart card reader is also needed.

ONE FOR ALL on a USB key

The private key is safely stored on a smart SIM card; encryption and digital signing is executed in the SIM card’s microprocessor. The SIM card is inserted in the USB key, which also serves as a smart card reader.

E-seal and website authentication

E-seal qualified digital certificate

E-seal qualified digital certificate is used for safe electronic stamping, encryption and access control. The holder is a legal entity or department of a legal entity, which is therefore able to sign and stamp documents on behalf of the entire company.


Website authentication

Qualified digital certificates for website authentication – SSL or TLS certificates – are used to establish secure links between a web browser and the user’s computer, server or webpage.



In accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, Halcom ensures high level of security of the hardware and software for issuing qualified digital certificates. All security measures are designed and implemented in full compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, FIPS 140-2 level 3 or the Common Criteria EAL4+ and ETSI.

Supported banks and web portals




Web portals


Please check the list of banking solutions and online portals you can access using the ONE FOR ALL digital certificate.