Join our global community of Vertical Market Software leaders

We hold our companies forever, investing for the long term, and provide a decentralized, autonomous operating structure with industry-specific best practices shared across the group.


Halcom Group invests in and builds enduring enterprise software businesses in Southeast Europe.

Halcom group is part of Juniper Group, which is a portfolio of Vela Software, one of the six operating groups of Constellation Software Inc., a TSX-listed publicly traded company. Constellation Software has completed over 1.000 acquisitions of small, medium and large private and public companies since its inception in 1995.


At Halcom Group, Juniper Group and Vela Software we seek to serve and support the operators by offering continuity, community, software expertise and capital. We typically leave acquired businesses as decentralized stand-alone entities.

Halcom invests in people and technology for the long-haul and never divests its businesses, ever.

Our global community
in numbers

  • 125 +
    Vertical Markets*
  • 1000 +
    Business Units*
  • 5 +
    Billion $ Invested*
  • 50 k +

*as of December 31, 2022

How we are different


Halcom Group Strategic Acquirer​ Private Equity​

Permanent hold investors
Buy and hold businesses forever


Move fast with high certainty of close
Expertise in software and investing enables rapid and confident decision-making, facilitating efficient execution of M&A transactions


Decentralized and autonomous operating structure, with little day-to-day oversight and minimal bureaucracy


Brands, culture, offices, and team are
preserved post-acquisition


Software Veterans
Guidance and access to software veterans who are operators themselves



Meaningful or Growing Market Share

High % of Recurring Revenue​

Low Attrition

Diversified Customer Base

Strong and Committed Management Team

100% Buyouts or Majority

Halcom Group companies